Build modern JavaScript apps

Gourmet is a cloud platform that lets companies focus on building modern JavaScript apps, free from devops of complex infrastructure.

You build great apps, we take care of the rest.

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Frontend as a Service

Gourmet specializes in frontend JavaScript. Developing and operating production level apps is not an easy job -- bundler setup, web server configuration, auto scaling, HTTP/2 support, CDN deployment, ... Gourmet takes care of these so you can focus on what matters.

Modern JavaScript

Just start writing your apps using modern JavaScript architecture and syntax. Forget about setting up Webpack or NGINX things. Gourmet is a complete end-to-end solution for modern JavaScript apps.

Isomorphic / Universal

These are just fancy words for server rendering. No professional apps can be complete without server rendering. Gourmet provides you with a cloud-based JavaScript engine so you can run your code on the cloud. Whether it's an isomorphic React component or Restful API, Gourmet has you covered.


Gourmet is performance obsessed. It fully utilizes HTTP/2 multiplexing wherever possible. Gourmet even dynamically adjusts the level of asset bundling based on browser's HTTP/2 capability so your apps can perform best on both HTTP/2 and HTTP/1. The best part? You don't need to do anything!


Gourmet is equipped with the industry's best security practices. For example, your apps are served over secure HTTPS connections and you can easily enable JWT authentication. When it comes to security, Gourmet is a safer choice than your own custom implementation.

Open Source

Gourmet is built upon many popular Open Source projects that you are already familiar with. On top of that, most of Gourmet's code base will be published on GitHub as Open Source projects. If Gourmet doesn't work as you expect, take a look at the code, and even better, contribute to it!

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Gourmet will soon be available as a private beta. Please leave your contact information here if you would like to join the private beta program.